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one of our League City irrigation contractors is fixing a broken headLet's talk about what your sprinkler service could be. Forget those shops that just show up, fix the problem and leave. We go far beyond that. Our League City irrigation contractors aren't satisfied just fixing a pop up head and waiting for you to call back when the next one goes bad – there are some shops that are like that, just replacing pop up head after pop up head, day after day. We're different. We're better. Instead of simply replacing your sprinkler head, we'll figure out what happened to it in the first place.

Sometimes it's just normal wear and tear (and if that's the case, you're going to be replacing the entire run in short order), but more often than not the rotor or riser has been damaged by an outside force. We have seen pop up heads destroyed by low mower blades, overzealous dogs, chewing rodents and even the occasional misadventure in digging. Whatever the issue is, we replace the bad head, look for others that may have been compromised, and help you figure out how to prevent the damage from happening again.

Optimizing Your System So You Will Use Less Water

our tech is analyzing this strong sprinklerNot only do we make sure that we make your repairs quickly and efficiently. We only use high quality replacement parts. When we make a fix, it stays fixed. Then we ask you if you'd like an optimization service (something you should seriously consider). This water coverage audit checks your entire system to ensure that every plant, every area of turf and every tree and shrub gets exactly the irrigation it needs. We usually find that you are using too much water for your yard. This results in weed growth in the planting beds and patchy looking turf. Our service lowers your monthly watering bill and creates a more uniform lawn.

Get The Professional Help And Have The Best Looking Lawn

a recently installed drip line in the flowers bedYou will actually spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying it just with a few simple tweaks to your existing system. One particular change is probably going to be the addition of a drip irrigation line along your foundation plantings. This will allow you to stop watering all the empty spaces between your foundation plantings and eliminate the weed growth there. Your plants will get nutrients delivered deep to the root system and you'll have larger, stronger, more vibrant specimens with less work on your part.

Get the professional help you deserve from our League City irrigation contractors team. We'll help you create the best looking lawn on the block. Call today!

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