Professional La Marque Sprinkler Repair Services

one of our La Marque sprinkler repair techs is checking the systemHow is your sprinkler system working? If it isn't well maintained – probably not really well. You probably are seeing increasing water bills and a lackluster lawn at best. We can fix that. Our La Marque sprinkler repair techs have been optimizing older sprinklers for over 20 years. Just a few tweaks to your existing system could easily reduce your water usage and give you a brighter, lusher lawn.

It might not seem like a few small changes could make such a big difference, but consider that each spray head could deliver up to 5 gallons of water every minute, then multiply that by the total number of heads in your yard. Overwatering is really very easy if your system isn't set correctly. That leads to thinner blades of grass and more weed growth.

Let Our Team Calibrate And Fix Your Current System

one of our techs is adjusting the sprinkler valvesOur La Marque sprinkler repair techs will adjust the water pressure at each flow valve and nozzle to make sure the distribution of water is exactly as it needs to be. If you have clogs or broken valves, we'll fix those and then recalibrate. Failing to recalibrate leads to a patchy looking lawn and the potential of over and under-watering.

The initial water usage audit will cover distribution, but that is only part of your irrigation system. We also check for underground leaks and drainage issues. Soggy spots in the landscape can mean either of these. We'll use the latest electronic leak detectors and video snakes to make sure there aren't any leaks, then we will address the drainage issues.

Get That Bright Looking Lawn Today! Call Us Now!

an operator is scheduling service in La MarqueWhether it's a cracked delivery line or the need for a French drain system, you'll get a full work order before we break ground on a repair. You'll never get a surprise on your bill. If we didn't talk about it, you don't get charged for it – period.

It doesn't matter what the problem with your sprinkler system is, our La Marque sprinkler repair team will be able to quickly diagnose it and get it fixed so you are back to having a great looking lawn right away.

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